It seems natural and usual case that one competitor tries to examine the products of other competitor.

But it is quite often, there is limitation in the market with volume of products, delivery schedule, or account for procurement.

EII started services to purchase sample of materials in the market as proxy in place of the customer since 2008 in the following fields.

  • œMaterials related to display
  • œMaterials related to solar cell
  • œMaterials related to Carbon nanotubes (CNT)
  • œMaterials and devices related Inkjet
  • œMaterials related to electrophotography
  • œSpecialty resin
  • œSpecialty coating materials

EII opens the delivery results to the clients are counted over 100 monthly average.
EII recommend clients to try to use services.

Services was expanded to overseas market

EII expanded services to overseas market by networking with associate members in oversea from August, 2010.

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